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Are you planning a wedding, epic family reunion, or milestone anniversary? 


Maybe you're getting everyone together to pay their last respects, a celebration of a life well-lived. To capture the magic of a once-in-a-lifetime event there's nothing like the 3C Story Booth.

Your Family, Connected for Generations.

Your life story, and your values, are vital to the future success of your family. 

What good is generational wealth without generational values?

If you want to ensure the future success of your family you have to give them the tools and the wisdom to build upon your successes and also avoid your mistakes. You can live on as more than just a memory for generations to come. Family legacy is a treasure for the future.

Connecting with Stakeholders

Conveying what you do, and more importantly WHY you do it to your clients, employees, and investors can feel overwhelming at times. The 3C Founder's Why video system gets to the heart of who you are as a founder and why you do what you do. We capture your story in a way that comes across to all of your stakeholders as engaging and authentic. If want to take your business communication to new heights it's time to level up with 3C.

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