Are you planning that long overdue retirement 

party, epic family reunion, or milestone anniversary? 


Maybe you're getting everyone together to pay their last respects, a celebration of a life well-lived. To capture the magic of a once in a lifetime event you need the the 3C Story Booth.

Your Family, Connected for Generations.

Your life story, your values, are vital to the future success of your family. 

What good is generational wealth without generational values?

If you want to ensure the future success of your family you have to give them the tools and the wisdom to build upon your successes and also avoid your mistakes. You can live on as more than just a memory for generations to come. 

Stronger Partnerships
Better Families 

When was the last time you sat down with your partner and had a heart to heart about your family values, and your hopes and dreams for your family? Imagine if you could replay that conversation anytime you and your partner needed to get back in sync. Imagine if your kids could become part of the solution by watching you talk about your hopes for their future. You can get your family back on track with a 3C Family Purpose Video today.