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In their own words

Dad's best stories.

Mom's memories of raising you.

Stop worrying and start connecting with a legacy conversation video.

A truly priceless keepsake that every member of your family will cherish for generations.


Quick Video Introduction

A legacy video is a life story that's told in mom and dad's own words.

No one lives forever. Capture their story, their personal legacy, now. Because it's not just their story that's special. The magic is that it's them telling their own story. Their personal family history.


Imagine for a moment your father telling a favorite story from his childhood. Or your mother describing what life was like with her mother

Now imagine sitting with your own children, all grown up, enjoying those stories as if your parents were sitting right there next to you.  

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How do you preserve that connection between you and those you love most in a way that conveys the depth of your relationship? A Legacy Conversation Movie gives you the ability to relive every laugh, every smile, and every

tear from your most important conversations about life, family,

and legacy at anytime. We bring cinema cameras,

8 point lighting, pro wireless audio, chairs,

and everything else to the comfort of

your parent's own home.

The best memories are the ones we share.

Don't let the memories of your loved ones fade away. Capture them forever in a personal Legacy Conversation Video of mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or even your favorite Uncle Joe.


The most common regret that we hear is from people that waited too long to capture the things they cherished most about their parents. At some point

those special memories fade beyond recall, or are lost in an instant. It's

not just the story that's special, a big part of the magic is

the way your parents tell their stories.

How likely are your grandkids and your great grandkids to read a book about your life?

If they do read it, how likely are they to read it more than once?

Can a book be easily shared or stored in the cloud?

Give your family the gift of your life story in a format that they will want
to watch again and again. 


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What is your life story worth to your family?

What was the last thing you invested in that was meant to last for generations?

Most everything in our modern world is disposable. You are not disposable. The story of your life is literally priceless.

Dave takes a unique, conversational approach to the most meaningful moments on camera. His process is peaceful and calm. The results are excellent quality videos that show authenticity and professionalism in action. His turn-around time and vision are impressive. After recording similar videos in the past, I am in awe of Dave’s vision, process, and final product. Highly recommend you talk to him about capturing the videos your family can cherish for generations!"

Carey Martin  -  Fountain Hills, AZ

Will your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren have the tools they need to navigate their lives when things get tough?

Will the lessons you taught your children get passed down through
the generations?

Can you afford not to invest in preserving your legacy?


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Proudly Founded in Arizona, State 48.

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Mini Legacy Video

  • Same amazing quality and planning as the full Legacy Movie.

  • 1 hour on-camera session instead of 2.5 hours.

  • Legacy Mini events are hosted at a central location the first Saturday of every month. (usually in Scottsdale)

  • Archival-grade Bluray for data safety.

  • USB drive for ease of sharing.

  • DVD for instant viewing.

  • Social media edit available.

  • UHD 4K final video.

  • Standard professional editing (Advanced Editing available).



Full Legacy Video

  • Full conversation plan system access.

  • 1 hour setup in the comfort and convenience of your own home, and 1 hour teardown included. 

  • Full 2.5 hours of on-camera time for you to tell your life story, share your deepest beliefs and values, and make a real connection with your conversation partner.

  • Archival-grade Bluray for data safety.

  • USB drive for ease of sharing.

  • DVD for instant viewing.

  • Social media edit available.

  • UHD 4K final video.

  • Standard professional editing (Advanced Editing available).

There is one final option, you can host your own Legacy Mini event to capture 1 hour of life stories from up to 8 members of your family in one day. This option is set up in a location of your choosing instead of a location we choose, and is completely customizable. Give us a call for more details and pricing.

We can also customize any other package to meet your needs and goals.
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